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Museum Lodge


Originally Casa Mallqui was designed as a residence for researchers who had worked for Leymebamba Museum and archaeological remains of Laguna de los Condores Mausoleum. Over time, the building and the purpose were expanded to work as a rural lodge for visitors seeking a wide variety of experiences.


Casa Mallqui is located next to the Leymebamba Museum, 5km from Leymebamba town. It is small, but pretty and cozy lodge surrounded by cloud forest nature of the Andes. 


It provides an excellent location for observers of orchids and native birds, including parrots, hummingbirds, owls, magnificent condors, quetzals, among others. The area includes numerous archaeological sites to which day trips can be arranged. It is possible to visit artisan shops of wood carvers and weavers that use traditional techniques and designs of the ancient Chachapoya.


Local cuisine offers the famous Juanes and a great variety of native potatoes and other organic products. Especially there are many milk producers that will make you taste artisan cheese, local fruit yogurt, etc.

Simply, it is the ideal place to take a step back into a time before life was quite as stressed and busy as it often seems to be today. It also provides an opportunity for reflection and just breathing the clean mountain air for anyone desiring a quiet and comfortable place.


The income generated from the lodge helps to cover the expenses of Centro Mallqui and the Leymebamba museum. We invite you to join us and enjoy an experience that will be mutually beneficial and satisfying, and which will promote the local economy.



Our simple, but cozy rooms are designed with hand crafts inspired by Chachapoya culture. All rooms are for no smoking.



Free Breakfast


Our breakfast is basically continental style, but it consists of fresh home bread, local fruit yogurt, artisanal cheese and very tasty organic coffee of Private Conservation Area "Los Chichos".

Free Wifi


You will be able to access with free wifi from your room, but we are in rural area and sometime we don't have good signal. Thank you for your comprehension.

Garden and Orchard


Our beautiful garden and organic orchard are our honor. In the garden you can observe many type of  native plants and flowers. And in the orchard there are aromatic and medicinal herbs.



There are fireplaces in our dining room and in the family room. Image what a rich time is reading books, organizing photos and drinking wine in font of the fireplace!

Free Parking


We can offer you secure parking for vehicles, motorbike and bicycle. Please let us know your request at reservation for checking if it would be available.

Free Transfer from the Town

We will be happy to pick you up or leave you in the Leymebamba Town. Please let us know your request at the reservation. This service will be only when the owner is here.





Leymebamba Museum


This museum was built to provide a place for the preservation of 219 mummies and archaeological materials recovered from Laguna de los Cóndores in 1997. Most of the cultural remains on display are Chachapoya and are from the time of Inca domination in the area. It consists of the three halls dedicated to the archaeological found from the Laguna de los Cóndores and an ethnographic hall presents the varied lifestyles of the region’s modern inhabitants. The Museo Leymebamba Association, made up of residents of Leymebamba and representatives of Centro Mallqui, reflects the active interest and involvement of the people of Leymebamba in Museum projects and activities designed to benefit the community. 

Adult and foreign visitor: 15 soles 

Only spanish guide: 40 soles.

Open: Mon-Sun 10:00 - 16:30 (closed only 25/12 and 01/01 )

Arqueological Sites


There are many archaeological ruins of Chachapoya or Chachapoya-Inca Culture or in this area. One of them is Kuelap, "northern Machu-Pichu", is 1 1/2 hours from the Lodge. We can cordinate one day trip to The Revash Mausoleums and other  Chachapoya ruins like Petaca, Congona, Diablo Huasi, etc. You will need three day trekking for trip to the Laguna de los Cóndores Mausoleums. We will be glad to help you coordinate these tours.

Hiking Route near the Lodge


Around the Lodge you may find good hiking road for 1-4 hours. The road walking down to Leymebamba Town is very easy and has beautiful landscape (we have to say t is very heavy from the town). The road soround by the Museum is short, but charming to observe agriculture activity and many plants. If you may want to go hiking for several hours, we would recomend the road to the Atuen Valley. And also we can cordinate to hire horses to ride.



This area is one of the most populer birdwatching zone in Peru. Around of Leymebamba district, specially in the Atuen Valley you can observe many species of birds. You will be able to observe parrots, owls, condors, quetzals, and also "colibri de cola espatula" , if you would have luck, .

Local Artisan Visit 


It is possible to visit artisan of wood carvers and weavers that use traditional techniques and designs of the ancient Chachapoya. They have a small class for visitors to try their tecnic(with previor reserve).




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